Here is a step by step makeup for an olive skin to get a new look!!

Things You Need:
# Oil-free moisturizer
# Foundation and powder matching your skin tone
# Neutral pink to brown coloured blush
# Dark Brown and golden colours of eyeshadow
# Black eyeliner
# Black mascara
(#Hazel Contact lenses if needed )
# Dark lipstick matching to eyeshade and blusher
#Clear lip gloss
#Hair Straightner

Tip: Always wash your skin with a mild cleanser and apply an oil-free sunscreen before you begin your makeup.

#Apply Concealer only if you have an acne problem, scars or large pores.

#Apply oil-free moisturizer.

Tip: Apply a light dusting of powder instead of applying heavy liquid foundations.

#Wear foundation matching your skin tone.

#Choose a blush that highlights your skin tone, like tans,peaches, apricots, bronze with little of the rosy pinks.

#Women with olive skin tend to have brown-black eyes to which dark brown eyeshades suits the most.
Select just brown eyeshadow. While you can easily wear greens, blues and purples when selecting eyeshadow, stick with darker colors instead of pastels. Additionally, you simply cannot go wrong with metallic silver and gold.So Apply Golden on the brow bone to give a shiny effect.

#Eyeliner can be a great way to spice up your look. Apply mascara as well as eyeliner in black.

#Try Hazel contact lenses to spice ur your look.

#However, lisptick shades should match your natural lip colour as much as possible. A nice mauve or deep red is sensual and sexy. Then apply clear lipgloss.

#lastly, style your hair with straightner.