Emo lifestyles and emo hairstyles often surprise many people when they realize that it is their unique way of expressing themselves. All black hairstyles, blonde streaks, long straight haircuts, and messy look are some of the common characteristics of emo girly hairstyles. Emo is a culture, to many it is a subculture, that has originated from punk music groups and over a time, it has developed into a complete new sect of the society where emo boys, emo girls and emo kids follow certain peculiar traits, and fashion statements.

For emo hairstyles, the most important the perfection in the haircut. If you cannot get the right haircut and the length, you may not get a emo hairstyle. Medium length haircut, slightly choppy hairstyle, blonde hair color, bangs and often layers are the essential requirements for donning emo girly hairstyles. Whatever else you do will become a new fashion in emo girly hairstyle but mind you, not many emo girls are open to embracing new fashion trends especially when it comes to hair fashion and hairstyles.