Things Needed:
Cucumber – Natural astrigent and cleanser
Yoghurt – Natural exfoliator with soothing effect
Low-Fat Milk - for soft and glowing skin
Recommended for all skin types, especially in combating oiliness and greasiness, dark spots, pores and acne.

1- Take a cucumber , make pieces by finely chopping it by a sharp knife and removing seeds because seeds might prevent yoghurt mixing well to make mask.
2-add 1/2 cup of  unflavoured and plain yoghurt to chopped pieces of cucumber.
3-Mix well with yoghurt, and you can also use a food processor like mixer or blender, but Over-mixing might make the cucumber watery.
4-Add a teaspoon of low fat milk, and see that the mixture should be little thick to apply.
5-Avoid applying to the delicate under eye area.
6-Rinse with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

#Applying it for 2 weeks will show difference on your face and you will have a glowing face without pores and acne.