Liquid Eyeliner:
The liquid eyeliner is one of the most sold pieces of makeup and it is also applied with a brush. The liquid eyeliner has the disadvantage that it is hard to apply and the best way how to apply liquid eyeliner is on the lop eyelids. The liquid eyeliner is thicker that the cake eyeliner and my take longer to dry. The problem with taking longer to dry is that you have to keep your eyes closed until it drys so that you don’t have smudges on you eyelids.

Pencil Eyeliner:
An eyeliner pencil is the best known type of eyeliner and it is very easy to apply. The eyeliner pencils have many colors that you can choose from and different sizes. You can find pencil eyeliners that comes in two colors so that you can use a dark tone to line your eyes and a lighter tone to use as highlighter or use as eye shadow. Many of these eyeliner pencils are self sharpening so that means you don’t need an extra sharpener.