Almond oil is very good for keeping our skin and hair healthy. Especially, our facial skin which is most prominent, has many benefits from almond oil. We are well aware of the various health benefits of almonds and the oil of almond is used on a large scale in the cosmetic industry. Today there are a number of beauty products that contain almond oil as a primary ingredient. Read on to know about the benefits of almond oil for face.

The first use of Almond oil for face is that it can be used as a great cleanser for all skin types, especially for dry skin. But, you might wonder how can an oil be used for cleansing oily type skin? Believe me, it is great for oily skin as well. Just that you need to use it in the right way. Take oil on your palm and gently rub it on your face. Do not wet the face before using it. Rub it properly on entire face in circular directions. Once you are done, leave it for 2-3 minutes. Now, take steam on your face. You can either take a direct steam or use a wet cloth. Wet a cloth with water, wring it slightly so that no water is dripping from it. Close your eyes and place this cloth over your face. Keep it until it’s about room temperature. This will help to open the pores and remove the dirt and dead skin. Now, take a washcloth, wet it and wring it. Wipe your face with this to have a soft and clean face.

Another benefit of almond oil for skin is that it makes a perfect base for a facial scrub. You can add sugar or salt to almond oil to form a great exfoliating scrub. You should not use salt for sensitive or acne affected skin. Sugar and salt granules work in removing dead cells and dirt and almond oil acts as a good moisturizer for scrubbed skin. You can use this scrub once a week. Apply and scrub in circular direction, very gently and wash off with lukewarm water to have a soft glowing skin. You can exfoliate lips with sugar and almond oil scrub to have soft lips in minutes.

Under Eye Circles:

One of the best use of almond oil for face is in getting rid of dark circles under eyes. You might be tired of using various recipes to treat dark circles and wrinkles under eyes but almond oil is the best thing to opt for treating this problem. Dab a cotton piece in almond oil and place it on your eyes while going to bed. Do this everyday, you would soon notice the results. Using almond oil will also help to get rid of crow’s feet.

Face Massage:
You can use almond oil for face massage and have an awesome looking skin. It is one of the best oils for facial massage. Cleanse your face and have a massage with almond oil before going to bed. A bedtime massage will ensure that the oil stays on your skin for a long time. Moreover, almond oil massage is extremely relaxing. It will take you away from all the tensions and help you have a calm sleep. You can have a steam before the massage. Almond oil massage will help to get rid of dry skin, wrinkles, impurities, dead cells. It also improves complexion, reduces dark under eye circles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, prevents aging, treats itching and suntan, and removes black heads. Then, how about a face massage tonight? Go for it and feel the difference. Read more on almond oil for hair.

You can also use sweet almond oil for face, especially if you have sensitive skin. It soaks easily in the skin and gives a glowing touch to it. Sweet almond oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. With so many almond oil uses and benefits, isn’t it worth using almond oil for face regularly? Forget the costly facials and beauty product, using almond oil for face is an all in one cosmetic. Start using it regularly for best facial skin care and experience the change in your face. Ready to have a glowing and stunning face? Go shine!